Adventure Package 4  - 6 Weeks

Adventure Package Sample


payment one - $1,000

payment two -$1,000

payment three -$1,000


payment one -$1,500

payment two -$1,500



+ branding questionnaire
+ consultation
+ mood board

Brand Build-Out
+ 3 initial brand concepts
+ 2 rounds of refinement
+ final logo mark (web & print ready)
+ logo sub-mark (if applicable)
+ brand style guide

Brand Collateral
+ business card design
     - 50 Complimentary Luxe Cards*
+ branded icons/patterns (if applicable)
+ favicon

Social Graphics
+ 2 social graphics

10% discount on web design services

*cards will be printed from and will be shipped to me first for quality control purposes.

Adventure Package 4 - 6 WEEKS

2. How am I different from the rest

Fastest growing company? Next big thing? Most innovative? Forget the buzzwords. You haven’t received a $19 billion offer for your brand new, disruptive company just yet, and nobody cares about your ego.

What people do care about is what differentiates a new product from all the noise. If your target customer were to describe what you do to their friends, what would they be saying about you? Translating a clear message that you want your audience to naturally pass on through word of mouth is the goal. What makes them talk about you, not your competitors?

For instance, Apple branding strategy focuses on the emotions; it’s about lifestyle, innovation, dreams, and liberty through technology. Furthermore, Apple differs from others as they emphasize simplicity and aim to remove the complexity from daily life while using technology. More importantly Apple understands that customer experience is most important and has managed to grow a large community around the brand that share their values.

Do your best to get into your customer’s head and develop answers to their questions. When you understand your target market, only then can you know how to address the problem and solve it better than anyone else.

3. What is my tone of voice

Once you have defined your goal and what kinds of moves will get you there, start giving a shape to your brand by crafting a tone of voice through content to deliver the message to your customers.
Think about the personality of your company—if it was a person, what would it be like? Fun? Serious? Authoritative? Friendly? Reliable? Lively or laid back? Formal or chatty?

Consistency is key: staying true to your visual and experiential identity throughout your website’s user experience, social media posts, blog content, and press is how you can start to build a relationship with your audience.
Ask yourself the following questions

  • How is my message coming across?
  • Is it formal or informal?
  • Am I trying to achieve a corporate attitude or speak to my audience as a friendly small business?
  • What do I want my clients to feel?
  • Am I giving too much information, or too little?


4. Who will my brand attract to work with me

A company’s first employees are its greatest value. As difficult it is to find the right talent, remember that those you recruit will also be your biggest promoters. Every single word they say about your company reflects who you are and should understand this better than anyone else.

Creating an ideal working environment for your team through offering support is ideal. Give your team members the opportunity to develop within the company and always listen to ideas and take in their feedback about clients. Above all, you should be fostering a culture that allows your employees to believe in the brand as much as you do.

Besides determining whether you will break it or make it, your employees have the potential to be your biggest brand promoters. Through their online and offline social interactions alone, your message is being spread across their networks. Finding employees who are recognized as “thought leaders” can work as a massive boost toward engaging external audiences. Who are your employees in their day-to-day life and what do their networks look like? How are they using social media? Your culture is your brand.