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READ650 - Summer Jobs

True Stories of Cars, Cash, and Coppertone

Ah, summer—a break from school and a time to sleep in and hang out with friends. Or maybe instead a time to catch the bus, clock in, and wear your nametag. 650 founder and editor Edward McCann assembled this collection of summer job stories from a group of talented writers who recall those summer days all too well. For  more info visit READ650.COM

These stories were originally performed for an audience at City Winery in New York City. 650 shows on wide-ranging topics are produced at venues around the country, and you can learn about submission deadlines and upcoming events on our website or Facebook page. Please help spread the word about the spoken word.

It’s the summer after graduation. Until my father finds somebody to replace Chip, the guy who got busted for stealing from the cash box, I’m working at the car wash every day except Sunday. My parents opened the car wash a few months ago on a small piece of property behind what used to be Fred’s Texaco but what’s now Holiday Service Center. So now the family business is called Holiday Service Center and Car Wash. Which is hilarious and pathetic at the same time.
— Kathy Curto

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