What do you need to take the following step?


We always ask the question ‘what do you need to take the next step?’

Coming up with ideas is not the hardest part – it’s to give ideas meaningful context, a reality check, momentum and continuity. Whether it is for a new business idea, strategy, branding, product development, process improvement, market development, personal development, innovation, communication or more… We realize the possibilities that turn ideas and ambitions into action. We facilitate ideation sessions in a way that will get you closer to the heart of the challenge as well as insights to a path forward


How does it work?
A diverse group of people get together to creatively help ideas or challenges come to life. During a facilitated inspirational meeting, a case is presented to the group – this is what we call the ‘pitch’ – and the group has a chance to provide input and feedback. This results in the ‘pitcher’ gaining completely new insights, contacts and suggestions for his/her idea. At the same time participants are energized by their participation in a creative process that unfolds the idea into reality. A fantastic dynamic emerges, which provides everyone with a great feeling of inspiration and motivation.

Lastly, participants have a chance to network with each other during after the session(s). New relationships and collaboration opportunities emerge.  For more info visit: coolideassociety.com