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READ650 - The Car

The Car: A Spoken Word Event by Read650, the acclaimed live reading series, featuring stories that can be told in 5 minutes. Writers will tell us about their favorite, their first, or their worst. Join us for stories about a memorable road test, road trip, or a rental gone wrong. The carwash, the valet, the traffic stop, the accident, the car salesman — come hear it all, from limos to lemons. This program is made possible by the New Rochelle Council on the Arts, the Friends of the Library, the New Rochelle Public Library Foundation and suggested minimum donations of $10. Reception follows the event. Visit for additional information.

Do you remember your first car? How about your worst car? What about your road test or that first big road trip? The talented writers who contributed to this collection shared their moving and hilarious car-related stories with a live audience in five minutes, and just 650 words. Curated by READ650, the personal essays in this volume were originally presented on stage at the ossie davis Theatre in the New Rochelle Public Library.

My dad was a motorhead, a gearhead, a grease monkey, buying and fixing cars his entire life. He was a math professor by day—but he’d fix and tinker with cars every chance he could, spending weekends at garages around town, at NAPA auto parts, talking horsepower and torque with anyone who would listen. He smelled like 10w-40, Turtle Wax and Armor All—all the time.
— Kathryn Mayer