Back to High School Book Design

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READ650 - Back to High School

Bus rides and best friends. Marching bands and mean girls. Homeroom and home grown. Whether high school was the site of your fondest memories or the scene of the crime, this collection of personal stories, curated by READ650. It will take you back to a not-so-distant world of nerds, jocks, and stoners—and likely prompt some memories of your own. For  more info visit READ650.COM

The cool kids are hanging by the lockers, laughing and talking a little too loud. The nerds are in the classroom early, eager to shake hands with the teacher and nab the seats in the front row. The girls are put together in skinny jeans, heels, and blown-out hair. You know what I’m talking about, right? This is back-to-school night, and these are the parents of actual high schoolers.
— Annabel Monaghan