As a woman-owned business we strive to step forward with confidence. The legacy of how others shaped society sparks our own longings to contribute. Everyone needs role models — footsteps enough like our own to inspire us.

History must tell the whole story. For girls, knowing women’s achievements expands their sense of what is possible. For all of us, knowledge of women’s strengths and contributions builds respect and nourishes self esteem — crucial to all children and adults now, and in the years to come.

Are you marching for International Women's Day or striking and boycotting in honor of A Day Without a Woman?

Whether you are marching or striking or wish you could, you can participate in Pussyhat Global Virtual March! Let's join together in support and solidarity for women's rights! Put on your pussyhat, make a sign about where you are and what you are for and take a picture. The pussyhat is a symbol of support and solidarity for women's rights and political resistance.

Make a pussyhat! Give a pussyhat! Wear your pussyhat! .... and so we did!

National Women's History Month

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