Doen is a New Paltz based design studio with a knack for minimalism. We help new companies establish their positioning and develop a consistent communications platform that will give them visibility and legitimacy. We also work with mature companies who need to evolve their identity and collateral to reflect a shift in strategic visual priorities or organizational structure, and strengthen their appeal.


I’m Diane Fokas. I’m a designer + brand strategist with a knack for minimalism. My entire life I have thrived on all things visual. The fact that I get to sit down every day and focus my energy on handcrafting intentional and impactful visual solutions for entrepreneurs + small businesses is an absolute passion. With passion comes heart and with heart comes genuine connection and care. When I am not designing, you will find me hiking with my dog, crocheting, reading, watching movies with my family. Aside from the annual trip back to our motherlands which includes Netherlands, Greece & Indonesia, I love roadtrips in the USA and exploring Iceland. 

Diane Fokas
Designer I Owner at DOEN






Anywhere & Everywhere

Currently living in New Paltz, NY and exploring the US with my family. I am a Dutch - Indonesian native and I grew up in the Netherlands. I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley for almost 15 years and now consider it home. I frequent travel back home to the Netherlands & Greece to visit family and friends.

For my local clients I am available at One Epic Place located  in downtown New Paltz.  My office is 100% mobile which means I can work remotely. If I am ever in your area I love to meet my clients in person when I can, but sometimes Facetime is the only option. 



The Mission


My mission is to make your brand an experience, beyond just a beautiful logo. Together we  develop a cohesive and intentional brand strategy for your business, using market research and my experience. The goal is to give you the tools you need and teach you how to use them. Genuine connection and passion are essential. I absolutely love what I do and want you to feel the same about the process and outcome of our work together.





Ready to attract your target audience?

Virtually all of our clients come to us through referrals and the majority stay with us as a part of a long-term, collaborative relationships.